Looking to Party? 

Let Music Ground Host your next event. We do special events provide DJ and Photographers. We have been operating in Atlanta, Georgia since 2018. We can help you build a campaign and help plan your next special engagement. 

Music Ground host parties and special engagements.  We can help you come up with a memorable theme that will last for a lifetime.  Are you getting married and haven't come up with anything exciting? Let us help you put together a creative idea that your friends will cherish for the rest of their lives!


Our team consist of some of the finest chefs, photographers, and cleaning crew. We not only help you with your theme. We will host your event and provide the music for your event. You select your artist and/or book one of our artist to perform at your very own unique event!

RadioATL - Music Ground Take Over Event

Be a part of the community and reach out to us about ideas, parties, events that you may want to have in your area. Our primary focus is to provide venues with Entertainment and allow independent artist to get out and perform their single. We encourage artist to visit our news section to discovery what's popular in your area.

Music Ground Entertainment provide you with events, lounge rentals, club promotion, photography, and  videography. We support local businesses and promote for them at affordable rates. We believe that the community can make a difference by word of mouth. We utilize Social Media Outlets to greet local businesses and entrepreneurs to promote their services. We have affordable rates and help you gain exposure. If you need help planning your next event and need DJ's, Bartenders, Equipment, and/or Catering please reach out to us at by visiting our contact us page | Music Ground Ent. 


SELL YOUR SELF This is one of the most vital parts to being an artist but also one of the hardest challenges to take as an independent artist. Discover yourself by acknowledging how you bridge from other artist in the industry; what makes you unique?

SING FROM THE HEART This is a great space to write with passion! Deliver thought out lyrics that you feel are meaningful.  Allow yourself to be one with the instruments and develop a timely pattern to flow to the rhythm that best expresses your character with enthusiasm and raging Vibrant Energy. 

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF This is one of the most important key elements to have. No one is going to be your biggest Fan other than yourself and your Ego lol. Believe that you have what it takes to shine and be that independent Star that you were destined to be!  - STAY TRUE AND RISE!

NEED GRAPHICS FOR YOUR ALBUM/MIXTAPE COVER ​                                                 [SPONSORED AD]

WHY QUALITY MATTERS? Creating A theme for your music is an extremely important aspect to promoting your work. Most artist won't get heard with a basic cover or low-quality image. If you are looking to reach an audience you may want to consider hiring a professional graphic illustrator or designer to help create that jaw-dropping, eye popping, engaging imagery. MoZOart can create a professional album cover starting at an exceptional rate. If you are truly serious about your craft get your Album/Mixtape Cover professionally designed Today!


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